It is Easy to Fail and Failure Leads to Success

Each of us has conditions for satisfaction, empowerment, participation, fulfillment and a host of others. When the mind is alarming it is the reason to ignore all the conditions and we stay stuck producing failure. Over the years, my circumstances have changed and when I failed to recognize the conditions for participation had courage07changed, the lessons got more expensive.

One comes to believe whatever one repeats to oneself sufficiently often, whether the statement be true or false. It comes to be dominating thought in one’s mind. – Robert Collier

Our beliefs limit our performance. If you ever outperform your belief level as soon as you notice, you fall back inside the particular box of beliefs that is ‘you’. As long as you cannot change your beliefs, you are a robot, programmed by someone else to perform tasks of resistpersisttheir choosing. Once you discover how to set aside one belief for another, you may decide to set them all down for a period while you ‘shop’ your environment for what has been missing.

While in the US Navy, I discovered conditions in the tax code that made the tax code work for me, instead of against me. When my service ended so did many of the tax conditions for satisfaction. I soon found MLM as a new source of favorable tax conditions. How long would you participate at something if a $100 expense a month gave you an extra $500-$600 a month income. A long time I suspect. The design of MLM is for people who have a job. Working an MLM part-time, providing you keep good or better records, is like an additional 9-14 children who don’t eat or ever get sick. My interest in the tax code and willingness to claim every legal deduction led to invitations for me to explain my reasoning. The IRS showed me, once they saw my ‘annul retentive record keeping system’, even more ways to reduce my income tax legally.

I left the job world over ten years ago and I failed to notice the conditions for satisfaction had changed. Without a job, an MLM is essentially a debt-producing machine for nearly everyone. The number of burned out mlm’ers is legion. Network marketing however is a method to produce income at every sales job, marketing task and many other fields besides MLM. If you don’t change your behavior when conditions change the path gets more and more difficult.

An MLM or any home business will allow you to write off many of life’s expenses. Look up the MLM income data yourself but from various sources I found only 10% earn over $100 a year, 4.7% earn over $500 a year [never been in one that cost less than that however], 2% of the 4.7% earn over $5000 a year. These numbers did not persuade me to look elsewhere for a better opportunity however.   I mythbusting2did learn from experience that any offer with less than two years of results is risky. They usually disappear or get in trouble with one or more branches of GOV during their first two years. If you like becoming a leper with everyone but cold market, promote startups, prelaunch and the get in at the top operations. With a job providing real income, the tax deductions sooth the wounds but without a job you earn lots more debt.

Besides a full-time employment, two other minimum requirements exist to succeed at MLM. You need a large first circle of influence [or willingness to grow one] and you must be willing to commit long-term to a desired outcome.

One day someone asked me if he joined, how many active people in his organization were required to earn $1,000 a month of residual income? I didn’t know. My sponsor didn’t either nor did hers. There are published numbers available that tell the tale. In the company I was in at the time, I needed well over 1000 purchasing every month to earn a residual of $1000. Most distributors were not active every month meaning the organization I needed was well over 3000. Since I had about 10% of that number, it matched my monthly check perfectly. I quit.

Unfortunately, I needed to earn more debt awhile longer and learn some more valuable lessons as I began looking for plans that suggested a smaller organization. I did find one with around 300 active would produce the magical $1000 but it too needed over three times that to find 300 active. The focus is on building an organization and then suddenly I realized my efforts and accomplishments paid as many as a dozen people above me before I saw my monthly check.   I don’t need tax deductions. I need real income!

networkingWorksI am a collector of everything that shows up. A useful habit when applied to list building. Virtually all successful marketers I know were successful after a number of tries and success coincided with building a list of warm and hot market friends. People who said, “When you find the right program, call me and I’ll get in.” and the larger your group the more likely and sooner you find success.

The number of people who enjoy ‘sales’, talking with strangers, cold calling and risking their ego for life style is said to be about 5%. There is no accident then, that the percentage succeeding long-term is nearly the same percentage. Attempting to teach people to like something is folly. Any program that requires cold calling eventually loses 95% of the people who start.

What are my conditions for participation and satisfaction for a home myfavoritedaybusiness now?

No job required and no penalty if you have one and the time commitment is flexible.

A VERY small number of people required to support a realistic income.

The cost of entry is low and variable enough for international users.

The products make a difference for both customers and members.

Residual income is near initial entry and no less than 50% commissions.

My ongoing expenses are small to zero.

A small circle of influence is all that’s required.

I am realistically able to grow income in months instead of years.

There is a history of success with the program, the company and its members.

This means every MLM fails from now on.

What are your conditions for satisfaction?

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. – Helen Keller

Author: Michael Eisbrener

I moved to Medellin, Colombia 14 years ago. The first 52 years in 30 cities at 45 addresses. I am a traveler and seeker of the hidden path, the narrow gate and the way to effortlessness. You don’t have to look for happiness when it is where you come from.

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