In Search of Effortlessness

I know some people may call this being lazy. However, effortlessness is more like the story of Sisyphus and the easiest way to explain what I seek is using habit theory. There are plenty of articles and book about habits. We are a labyrinth and a tapestry of habits. Some research I have seen suggests habits effectively remove our will and willpower from the equation. I know willpower is insufficient over the long run to accomplish goals. How long does your willpower last every day?

the-habit-loopConsider breaking every habit into four parts. There is the cue, what sets it off, triggers or initiates the pattern. I always thought initially of a habit as the routine, good bad or otherwise, that runs until it stops. The routine, the pattern stops at a payoff, the reward. Without a reward, the routine requires constant will power to initiate. When the reward produces addiction, the circuit is complete. Addiction resets and establishes the cue or trigger to begin again.

I have willed myself to do something daily for two months. Flossing my teeth is a perfect example. Skipping a day and suddenly weeks go by before I need to willpower the good habit into play again. I have not found an acceptable reward and associated addiction to keep flossing running effortlessly. Will power is sufficient for the reward I guess. When reward, addiction, trigger and routine run automatically, effortlessness can be a wonderful state or a crazed nightmare.

effortlessness2Once upon a time, I was a three pack a day smoker. I quit cold turkey a few times but my environment didn’t like me as a smoker who didn’t smoke. By late 1983, I was tired of the struggle. Numerous times I have had what I wanted appear out of a concerted analysis of exactly what it was I wanted along with a willingness to pay the cost for having it happen.

I wanted to be a nonsmoker. I wanted to quit smoking without pain, struggle, effort or suffering by me or anyone else who knew me. I wanted those who knew me as a smoker to suddenly not remember I had ever smoked or at least ignore who I had been for who I was as a nonsmoker. I wanted it to be permanent and complete and I wanted it to happen in an instant.

lettinggo5On 21 February 1984, I saw it, I had a powerful profound insight, a breakthrough, that I actually didn’t smoke cigarettes but cigarettes smoked me, used me for some purpose unrelated to anything I wanted or was committed to myself. I heard ‘a voice’ I had before made as me, that said, ‘time to light up a cigarette now Michael’. I was shocked to my toes and as angry as I could be. Every fiber of my being said declared “NO!!” for the first, last and only time. I emptied everything related to the ‘habit’ into the trash. I transformed into a nonsmoker instantly, effortlessly.

In the days ahead, the most amazing thing was all the extra time I had. Nonsmokers do not think about cigarettes and actually avoid those who do. I had many beliefs about smoking that controlled my way of being. The more ‘beliefs’ you can set aside, not disbelieve, but take out of the equation, the more likely you can see something you had not seen before. Imagine a crystal bowl of spaghetti noodles cooked to a perfect el dente. If each noodle is a belief, taking one out at a time doesn’t make much difference initially until suddenly there are only a few left. Clear crystal fills back up with new stuff however… unless you maintain it empty and effortlessness takes clear crystal bowls.

I do not like struggle or suffering. Pain is a given if you push yourself toward anything and failure is the best learning tool ever invented. Fear, effortlessness8struggle and suffering are all optional products of our thinking. Every problem we have is of our own making, our own acquired beliefs. The problem, once identified to its most complete and simplest components, is then a solution solved if you are willing to pay the price. The price is a breakthrough you cannot return from, usually a new sense of space and freedom, effortlessness that for me is an exquisite addiction.

I am interested creating an effortless growing residual income. I can see what it will require and how it will happen. It does require some other people willing to have it for themselves also. My experience tells me the design of most programs is to capture money from everyone while sorting and sifting to identify the 2%. I am interested in what works for the 98%. Everything works for the 2%. I am expecting 100% success and retention. If you are willing to carve out some time, should everything else meet with all your objections there is much to do before you ever spend any money. Until you are performing the initial tasks and processes there is no reason to spend any money. You should NEVER spend any money until you have complete and total understanding of the path forward.

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Author: Michael Eisbrener

I moved to Medellin, Colombia 14 years ago. The first 52 years in 30 cities at 45 addresses. I am a traveler and seeker of the hidden path, the narrow gate and the way to effortlessness. You don’t have to look for happiness when it is where you come from.

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