How Every Compensation Plan Really Works

I subscribe to many network coaches, trainers and gurus who generally do a good job explaining the distinctions between success and failure.  Recently one of them suggested all compensation plans are the same. Their logical claim is if you have many people using your products and services you earn a lot of money. If you have fewer people, you earn less. I say maybe.

A paraphrased quote by Horace Greeley is “Go west young man, go successwest.”  Success was in that direction and while it may have been true, there is always more west to go. In the 1800’s, if you managed to get to St Louis accepting all comers into a wagon train never happened.  California, Oregon and Washington were a long way away and without proper supplies, a certain kind of commitment and the right attitude the guide knew he was at risk of not making the return trip much less making it to the ‘promised land’ with anyone.

The Compensation Game

There are a number of ways to play at network marketing. When I first started, I was in for the benefits. I kept excellent records and any company gave me 10-13 extra exemptions that put an extra $500 or more into my pocket every month because my employer paid me well. When I got serious and had no employer to bank roll my efforts, I found a company that I was told had the best compensation plan [they all say that] and I really loved the product. I was productive quickly with many customers.

Then I called on someone who happened to be a seasoned professional networker.  He told me I would never succeed with the program. He asked me if I wanted to earn $1000 a month residual income with my business. I said I did. He then wanted to know how many people it would take, buying the product every month in my organization, for me to earn $1000/mo residual income. I’d never heard that question before.

paying attention to compensation?I didn’t know! It seems silly now but how can you get to where you want to go if you don’t know what to do to get there? Leaving for California from St Louis on a hope and a prayer was not acceptable in 1850 and it isn’t today either. The number of people who join network marketing companies on even less hope and no prayer is legion. My upline either didn’t know the answer or wouldn’t tell me. I figured it out and quit. There was no way it was going to happen for me. The company didn’t last another year and I recently found some product from back then that still works great. I’m glad I’m not sharing it however.

Every week one or more people ask me to look at their business. I’m not looking for anything anymore and I am always interested in what is ‘out there’.  In the last five years, not one person could tell me how many people they needed to earn $1,000/mo residual in their business.  Many were not interested in knowing their compensation plan. Have you ever heard of Death Valley? There are many in this business but NOT knowing what you have to do to succeed is crazy.  Not knowing how far away profitfirstCalifornia is and what you need to have with you to get there before leaving was foolish and deadly then and it still is. You will not get there on your own either.  Look up ‘networking’ if you disagree.

A Path for Everyone

You need to know, how to find, and verify the following information. What percent of people reorder the second month? What is retention like at six months and a year? How much do you earn on average per person per month?  Every company knows these numbers and most distributors never ask. What do you have to do to ‘qualify’ to earn $1,000/month residual income? Enroll and sponsor a bunch of people is not a good answer.  Most people are not looking for nor are they interested in what you are offering. Taking any time to change that makes you and them crazy. How do you tell who is looking for what you are offering before you showed up?  If you don’t know, you will become frustrated and upset every time you go to work.

resistpersistFor any outcome you want, there is a certain way of thinking and acting that will get it for you. You just have to find that way of thinking and acting—and be willing to adopt it.  If you are struggling and efforting, you are doing it wrong. If you are doing anything to be happy, you are doing it backwards.  I know effortlessness takes you and me there and shares the path!  Prefer to know more first before revealing yourself? Then call toll-free and listen to my 20-minute explanation at 866-862-6735.  Once you know who buys, who plays and who stays you have the keys to everything.

RULE Number ONE: You have to allow this to be easier than you think, faster than you expect, and more fun than you can imagine.